Greg Candel

Welcome! I am Greg Candel, sound designer for games, animation and film based in the Netherlands.

I believe in the importance of context and quality of sound in media. By combining knowledge, experience, industry-standard tools and software, I strive to deliver quality designed audio.

I absolutely love talking about audio, and love sharing my work. Read about my work and passion on my blog!

The work I do includes:

  • Sound Design
  • Dialogue Editing & Cleaning
  • Music Mixing & Mastering
  • Game Audio Implementation

I am also part of Ocarime, a network of composers, sound designers and software developers.

Soundscapes I: A Warcraft Re-Design

January 23, 2020 by Greg Candel

A sound designer's process of recreating a generative ambiance of 2 races of the Warcraft universe; Orcs, and Humans.

Sound Design Reel 2020
Listen to my work.

February 2020

Here I showcase various projects I have worked on.

FMOD Studio and Unity Integration
Practical Guide

February 2020

This is a tutorial for anyone who wishes to have a basic understanding of FMOD Studio and the integration between Unity. The aim is to explore basic aspects of the connection between FMOD Studio and Unity. The targeted audience for this tutorial are modern sound designers working in games who wish to explore the world of middleware.


Warcraft Soundscape: Orcs & Humans
Middleware generated soundscape

January 2020

Warcraft Soundscape: Orcs & Humans is a soundscape I made generated by the middleware program FMOD. All the sounds (except for music) are designed and played through the program into Unity.

In my blog you can read about my process and how I designed the balanced soundscape.

Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world

June 2019

Music Mix and Dialogue Mixing / Cleaning for the game Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world by Degoma


Training Method for Reduced Listening
Research Paper

May 2019

In this paper, I introduced a way of training the ear by reduced listening. Readers can extend their knowledge of the main three traits of reduced listening, and find out how to utilize these in every day practice.

You can download my research paper here.

Global Game Jam 2019 Rotterdam

January 2019

Misplaced is a game made in 2 days as part of the Global Game Jam 2019. Misplaced is about Greg the Stuffed Dragon, exploring what home means to it. Find memories and navigate to strange places in order to get back home.

In two days I've made a lot of sound design assets, and integrated it with FMOD (middleware) for an advanced interactive experience. This includes footsteps, flying and an adaptive music system.

Internship Game Audio Squad
Sound Design

October 2018

I ran an internship as sound designer at Game Audio Squad from October until February. As an intern, my focus was making sound design for a variety of games; an educational game app made in China by the name of Dr. Panda, a top-down action game named Trifox and recording samples that are used within a variety of projects.

My tasks were making high-quality sound design assets, integrating music with FMOD and recording high-quality samples, including a full chime library.


June 2018

Spirinse is a Dungeon Crawling RPG made by CoolCast where you enter character's thoughts to battle their negative emotions.

My tasks in this project included: game audio, audio integration (FMOD), mixing.

Gewoon Lucas

June 2018

The seven year-old Lucas has a chronic dicease, which makes social contact difficult. In this documentary we follow him in his search for contact with his neighbour-friend Charlie. He hopes desperately that she wants to play with him and tries to get her attention.

My tasks in this project included: set audio, audio, sound design, mixing, mastering

Bio-Feedback System for Professional Gamers

March 2018

Always dreamed of playing at your maximum level in large gaming tournaments? E-Coach helps you transcend to the next level in gaming by relaying bio-feedback, resulting in a focused and confident performance to gain that trophy.

E-Coach is a system that gives Bio-Feedback based on several devices hooked up on a person that plays on a high competitive level. By using a Nuerosky Mindwave Mobile, MyoWare Muscle Sensor and a HeartLive sensor, Corey (your auditive coach) gives auditive feedback of your body. If the player is aware of it's flaws and stress levels, he or she can improve in a high-pressure environment by changing his or her behaviour.

E-Coach also calculates a performance level. This performance level is an indication of how well the player is performing overall, based on bio-data. When observers have access to this number, they can speculate if one's performance level drops below average. This brings game-analysis to a new, personal level.

My tasks in this project included: designing the system, recording and performing dialogue, programming, dialogue SFX and mixing audio.

Short Film

December 2017

This is a short students film I did an audio rework on. The concept of the design was for the film to hard cut between a drousy-realistic to a dreamy state of recalling memories.

I recorded sounds in studio (foley), outside and synthesised and designed the SFX and traffic light.

My tasks as a Sound Designer included: synthesising SFX, recording and mixing dialogue, breathing performance, foley, field recording.

Orbital Spheres
Auditive Experience

November 2017

In this project I programmed two spheres to orbit around each other, with smaller spheres orbiting around them.

You can drag the balls by hand, but I also implemented a color tracking tool with a webcam. By selecting a color, you can also control the balls with your video. This way you can switch between virtuality and augmented reality.

I made this in MAX/MSP 7. The sounds are generated by a patch I've made based on the locations and movement of the orbiting objects.

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